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      Do you offer discounts for multiple purchases?
      As at March 2021 we can now offer a 10% discount on your total order price for multiple purchases by using the code 10OFF at the checkout. Just enter the code and the discount will be applied. This code will only work where two or more books are purchased.

      Do you offer refunds?

      Yes, we can offer refunds and accept returns in certain circumstances in line with Australian Consumer Law. For example, if you receive an item that is not as described or contains print errors, or if your item is damaged in the post, we can offer a refund or alternatively, a replacement. For more detailed information about refunds and returns please see our Returns Policy.

      What is a Print Fault or Print Error?
      Occasionally books may have a print fault or print error. This can include things like lines across or down the pages, sections that have not been printed in full, or misprinted pages. If your book has a print fault or error, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange for a replacement book. Sometimes books may have minor spots on one or more pages that can arise during the printing process. Unless the spots are significant, these will not be considered as print faults or errors.

      I have multiple children, could these books be used for more than one child?
      Our books have been designed to be completed for one child however this is your book and you can complete it how you like! It’s possible that you could squeeze details for two children into the book if you write small and succinctly but we make no guarantee as our spacing has accounted for completing for one child only.