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      As the Director of White Fox Memory Books I was inspired to create this company and design a unique range of memory books because I believe there is so much value in recording details about our lives to look back on. I think most people can agree that looking back at old photos, reading a childhood journal, or visiting an old house we lived in are always enjoyable experiences and bring back so many memories.

      As a child I kept diaries throughout my school years and a few years ago I decided to read back through them. Aside from a few cringey moments and a lot of ‘what was I thinking’, I found it so interesting just how many things I had completely forgotten, and how many memories came back after reading it.

      Unfortunately the reality is that we can only remember a small fraction of the hours and days we live and so many things will be forgotten. After reading the old diaries it motivated me to keep a diary once again and I kept thinking ‘I must start that diary’. However the reality of life as an adult is that time kept getting away and it just never happened.

      One of the roadblocks I believe that stopped me from starting a new diary aside from a lack of time, was a lack of direction on where to start. Writing in a blank journal like I used to as a child just seemed so difficult. Where to start, how much should I write, what should I write?

      It was these roadblocks that gave me the direction for White Fox Memory Books. I decided that I wanted to create memory books and journals that would be easy to complete, even for adults with limited time, it should be fun to do to make sure people were motivated to write in them, and include a solid structure to give people direction on what to write and where to start.

      It is my hope that our customers will be inspired to use our books and will have fun completing them now, but more importantly, will get so much joy and value looking back on them in future in the way I did looking back on my childhood diaries.